YateMMI is a remote management interface that allows a swift and easy configuration of all Yate-based products: YateUCN, YateHSS/HLR and YateSMSC.

YateMMI Overview

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Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
5890 2d 16h Moved documentation for UCN steps and common steps for all equipment to separate files.
Add missing documentation for UCN group member fields.
5889 2d 17h Fixed display correct value for "GTPv2 Modify Bearer Command" in YateUCN Group member.
5888 4d 19h Do not detect duplicate for labels set in groups.
5887 4d 19h Add 'View Json' button for YateUCN group member.
5886 4d 19h Fixed get labels addresses for member, not for group.
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