YateMMI is a remote management interface that allows a swift and easy configuration of all Yate-based products: YateUCN, YateHSS/HLR and YateSMSC.

YateMMI Overview

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Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
5176 1h 23m Fixed the documentation for 'Status' field in different forms.
5175 19h 12m Fixed functionality when master UDM is deleted or disabled.
5174 1d 08h Unified status field in all tables.
5172 2d 13h Removed '5G support' feature from network settings when setup type is 'Just YateHSS/HLR'
5171 2d 17h Bug fix: Don't assume that HSS is a 5G equipment when 5G support is checked in Network Settings.
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