YateMMI is a remote management interface that allows a swift and easy configuration of all Yate-based products: YateUCN, YateHSS/HLR and YateSMSC.

YateMMI Overview

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Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
4781 1d 02h Configure 'Alam Token' key in Network settings to be able to push alarms to integromat hook.
4779 1d 14h Fix: allow setting php_value from .htaccess to increase upload filesize limits.
4778 2d 04h Modifications in Extra Params step from Network settings wizard:
- remove 'Not selected' from dropdown on edit
- add 'Custom' field in dropdown
- add 'All' field in dropdown
Fixed existing records with the same extra params for each type of equipment
to be associated with type 'all'.
Modify cron to check the 'all' extra param and mark existing equipment
to update changes.
Modify cron to set extra param with type 'all' on each equipment in 'common' values.
4774 6d 18h Increased upload file size limit up to 25MB. Fixed css for comment displayed under 'Insert file location'.
4761 10d 15h Improved validation for imported languages file. Increased upload file size limit up to 25MB.
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