YateMMI is a remote management interface that allows a swift and easy configuration of all Yate-based products: YateUCN, YateHSS/HLR and YateSMSC.

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Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
5024 4h 34m Display Alarms Logs in History module.
5023 4h 37m Fix Priority color if cleared in Predefined Alarms.
5022 16h 21m Improved requesting equipment status from main equipment screen so user can edit equipment when the majority of the nodes/all nodes are down. Batch requests based on managent ip and if there is a mgmt node and it doesn't respond, assume all other nodes won't as well. Use setTimeout instead of setInterval from js and only set it after status of last equipment batch is received.
5016 1d 00h Improved 'Use UTC' button to also change the date and time fields accordingly in Retrieve Captures form.
5015 1d 06h Moved set_equipment_hostname() to the end of the script, so that API requests are done at the end.
After a successful login don't run set_equipment_hostname() so that no requests to API are done and the login is not delayed.
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