YateBTS is focused on our customers needs, on continuous innovation and adaptation in the telecommunications market, and also anticipating
technology trends.

We work with multiple companies regarding billing platforms, hardware distributors and chipset vendors that offer solutions for our clients. These partnerships offer mutual benefits for our customers and our partners business development. 

YateBTS Testimonials
We are very pleased with all your products, they work as expected, and at a fraction of the cost of the "biggers" in the sector. If there is any incompatibility with other providers, SS7Ware are capable, in a few hours to create a patch and fix it. The support is very professional, and always find solutions to the challenges. We wish to be your clients for many and many years.

Testimonials 1
With Yate platform delivered by Romanian technology vendor Null Team we were able to set up Full MVNO interconnection with MNO partner in extremely short period of time. The solution covered new technology platform configuration (voice - gMSC and data - YateUCN platform) and commissioning work as well as integration work with MNO partner. Due to closed O&M contract we have been able to work remotely and effectively. Null Team has a team of skilled professionals with high level of technical expertise.
Nordic telecom testimonial for YateBTS products, MNO Czech Republic
The best of all that I personally like in cooperation with Null Team is that we have learned a lot, so as project manager of the MVNO project and without any doubts I can highly recommend Null Team - Yate solution to any interested MNO or MVNO .

Yate has been a central and important partner to Wavely and has proven to be very competent both technically and businesswise. They have shown a strong ability both to understand our business and to technically support it.

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