YateBTS GSM basestation - Open Source Software

Release versions

SVN (Subversion) download trunk

To just browse the sources or see the changes you can use the WebSVN.

To get the latest YateBTS version from the SVN:

svn checkout http://voip.null.ro/svn/yatebts/trunk yatebts

For details on how to install see the Prerequisites and Installing pages.

Latest Changes

37d 09hAdded holding & returning of registration time in telnet command ‘nipc list registered’ and in API request get_online_nipc_subscribers.
37d 10hAdded support for regexroute_rules and js_scripts
92d 11hFixed sms.timeout parameter documentation.
114d 18hChanged MT SMS timeout to fit in SIP transaction timeout. Drop all connections sharing a given UE when the same UE is set in a new connection: this is done to drop connections mbts didn’t detected as lost and avoid having UE services linked to a lost connection.

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  • IRC Channel: #yate on irc.freenode.net

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1. Download an IRC client for yout OS:

2. Log in on chat.freenode.net server.

3. Join the #yate channel and meet the Yate IRC community.