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Release versions

SVN (Subversion) download trunk

To just browse the sources or see the changes you can use the WebSVN.

To get the latest YateBTS version from the SVN:

svn checkout http://voip.null.ro/svn/yatebts/trunk yatebts

For details on how to install see the Prerequisites and Installing pages.

Latest Changes

2d 05hAdded . and + to list of accepted characters in NetworkName and NetworkName.Full.
82d 01hKeep existing configuration in file so fields like ‘autostart’ set from different requests don’t get lost when set_node is made.
159d 00hAdded holding & returning of registration time in telnet command ‘nipc list registered’ and in API request get_online_nipc_subscribers.
159d 01hAdded support for regexroute_rules and js_scripts

Join YateBTS community

Get in touch with the YateBTS Community

  • IRC Channel: #yate on irc.freenode.net

Join #yate IRC channel:

1. Download an IRC client for yout OS:

2. Log in on chat.freenode.net server.

3. Join the #yate channel and meet the Yate IRC community.