YateOTA is an OTA gateway system that provides the functions required to update SIM and mobile devices configurations using Over-The-Air messages over SMS.

It provides front-end, back-end and gateway functions to build SIM, update campaigns and run them over a mobile network. YateOTA is a proprietary OTA server which is fully implemented in software and developed for operators of all sizes in any market and in any location.

YateOTA description and API configuration

This section contains common information about YateOTA – OTA gateway

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
4243 42d 07h Populate /etc/services with the product's rmanager port if not already there.
4133 80d 02h Changed OTA's extmodule api listener to 1061 to keep usual offset between api port and rmanager port.
4094 100d 05h Use bash to run database checking scripts.
3867 186d 09h Increased number of workers since now they consume less CPU when idle.
3821 210d 03h Force the message creation time and ignore anything an external module sets.
This avoids messages of external modules altering statistic message age.
YateOTA 1