YateOTA is an OTA gateway system that provides the functions required to update SIM and mobile devices configurations using Over-The-Air messages over SMS.

It provides front-end, back-end and gateway functions to build SIM, update campaigns and run them over a mobile network. YateOTA is a proprietary OTA server which is fully implemented in software and developed for operators of all sizes in any market and in any location.

YateOTA description and API configuration

This section contains common information about YateOTA – OTA gateway

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
5284 1d 18h Improve OTA decode library. PoR can be decoded in compact or expanded form.
5278 7d 12h Update OTA documentation for the 'generate_uds' RAM requests.
5270 8d 17h Bug Fix for AES-CC: CC has the first 8 bytes of the CMAC hash.
5261 10d 13h New feature for OTA SMSC and Local modes: Keep the last loaded applet to not select again the CAP file.
5257 10d 18h Bug Fix: Hide/Show different fields for the selected RAM operation.
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