VoLTE (Voice over LTE)
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IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

The IMS core network is a scalable solution for operators who wish to start providing VoLTE multimedia services to their subscribers. The YateUCNTM IMS is suited for small scale deployments and is easy to scale up as more users adopt the service. Its low licensing costs allow mobile operators to efficiently plan and manage their networks. Based on Linux and running on commodity hardware, the YateUCN IMS is easy to manage by the operator team.

  • Benefits
  • Small, integrated IMS for an easy start of the business.

  • Easy management and operation.

  • Predictability and efficiency in network planning.

  • Works with the iPhone 6 for Voice over LTE.

  • Integrated IMS
    The YateUCN IMS core network implements the I/S-CSCF, P-CSCF, BGW and IWF nodes in one server.
  • Scalable
    The IMS is a flexible solution for mobile operator networks of any size.
  • Interoperable
    The YateUCN IMS works with any Evolved Packet Core, Home Subscriber Server, and eNodeB in the operator’s LTE network, over the Diameter protocol. It includes support for CS network interoperability.
  • SS7 support
    The IMS supports subscriber authentication to any standard HLR over SS7 MAP, and CAMEL services support over existing SS7 roaming agreements.