The YateSMSC server fulfills all the functions of a conventional Short Message Service Center, forwarding, storing and delivering SMSs in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.

YateSMSC description and API configuration

YateSMSC for GSM, UMTS and LTE networks

  • Generic information about licensing system.
  • Information and configuration of YateSMSC as SMPP server/client.

Settings for YateSMSC equipment

Various usage scenarios and settings for YateSMSC

Miscellaneous YateSMSC features

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
4383 1d 21h Fixed bug in building of SMS-DELIVER REPORT introduced by Rev. 3849.
4358 16d 21h Bumped versions and dependencies for release.
4352 24d 22h Populate performance counters at script loading.
Added a generic rejected message counter on SMPP.
4351 28d 03h Add support for fragmenting GSM7Bit and UCS2 SMS.
Refuse SMSs coming from SMPP that cannot be fragmented.
4350 29d 02h Added support for propagating SMPP initiation failure.
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