YateMMI VoLTE Configuration

Activate VoLTE support from YateMMI

YateMMI is a Mobile Management Interface that allows an easy configuration/management of all Yate-based products (Core Network and Radio network).

The VoLTE IMS Core Network solution we provide is YateUCN. It is a scalable solution for operators who wish to start providing VoLTE multimedia services to their subscribers. The YateUCN IMS is suited for small scale deployments and is easy to scale up as more users adopt the service.

YateUCN works with any EPC, HSS or eNodeB and supports subscriber authentication to any standard HLR over SS7 MAP, and CAMEL services support over existing SS7 roaming agreements.

To activate the VoLTE support you need to change the network settings

  • add IMS APN. Activate ‘IMS Subsystem’  from Protocol configuration options
  • activate and configure Diameter
  • activate and configure Diameter, VLR, CSCF support.
  • Define P-CSCF listener.
  • Add extra param:  mme_features with value: IMS-VoPS-session-in-S1-mode,emergency-bearer-services-in-S1-mode,extended-service-request-supported
  • set IMS profile
  • set sims/subcribers with ims profile and configure the IMS identities in SIM or Subscriber entity. Activate IMS per subscriber
  •  set ims domain in netinfo.conf