Backup Whole Network Configurations

The main scope of this document is to teach you how to back-up the configurations for the equipment inside your network and for database of MMI.

Back-up configurations

There are two ways for this process:

Download configuration from MMI

First method is using the “Download config” button and then you will receive a .tar archive with a standard name like “equipment_core_conf-20210518_161649.tar”.

Backup Whole Network Configurations 9

Inside the tar archive you will find the configuration for the network’s equipment and database of MMI, as in the example below:

Backup Whole Network Configurations 10

Download using API request

The second method is to download the equipment configuration using in API request. 

Back-up configuration to all network equipments and database of MMI
  • Request format
    • GET to mmi/api/v1/all_equipment_conf
    • POST to mmi/api/v1 with JSON content { “request”:”get_all_equipment_conf”, “params”:{}
  • Response format
    • in case of error: { “code”: !0, “message”: …, “extra”:”” }
    • in case of success: the tar archive will be download on your PC.


curl > download_config_equipment


curl – – output download_config_equipment

Below there are two examples of the curl’s command.

Backup Whole Network Configurations 11


Backup Whole Network Configurations 12

But be careful, if your network has an invalid equipment you’ll receive a message error as below:

{“code”:500,”message”:”Failed getting config files for equipment: mgmt2. Error: [API: 30000] Could not send request. Please try again later. Error: Failed to connect to port 80: No route to host.”}