YateBTS documentation

YateBTS is a software implementation of a GSM/GPRS radio access network based on Yate and is compatible with both 2.5G and 4G core networks comprised in our YateUCN unified core network server. Resiliency, customization and technology independence are the main attributes of YateBTS.

Installation and Administration

This section contains information about installing and managing the YateBTS software.


General information about the LTE GSM Lab Kit

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
680 227d 19h Fix compile error under ddebug.
679 481d 18h Added detectIMSI() and unified routing logic for calls/smss/ussds when having multiple IMSIs register with the same MSISDN.
678 494d 01h Fixed compile time error: use newer Channel::getStatus() instead of removed status().
677 615d 17h Fixed build on newer versions of C++.
676 641d 22h Added . and + to list of accepted characters in NetworkName and NetworkName.Full.
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