YateMMI User Levels

YateMMI allows multiple user access levels: admin, engineer, auditor, logger and operator.

Each level has certain permissions and restrictions in the application as detailed below:

  • admin: has full access to all the application’s features
  • engineer: has access over most of the application’s features (except those restricted only for admin access)
  • auditor: has access only to view different settings, and cannot perform any changes
  • logger: same as auditor, except for the debug module to which logger has full access and can change the debug levels
  • operator: has access only to “Subscribers Management’ context, for which all possible actions are allowed (add/edit/delete/import/export..etc.)


  • has access over the entire application (add/edit/delete)
  • can view/edit sensitive SIM data (KI/OP/OPC/KIC/KID/KIK) from Subscriber Management -> SIMs tab
  • can add users and impersonate an user (logging in as that user)

Sections where only admin has access:

     1. Home > Settings > Users

To add, edit or impersonate, go to Home context, Settings module and click on users.

users table view

When impersonating, you can view what the user that you impersonate views.

You are reminded that you are impersonating on the upper-right corner. Also you can logout from the application or just return to your admin account.

impersonating users login menu

     2. Home > Settings > Branding

Here you can customize your MMI by adding your logo and company name.

YateMMI User Levels 11

     3. Home > Setting > Modules

Here you can enable/disable specific modules.

enable/disable modules screen part1

Also here you can Clear network settings or download mysql dump.

YateMMI User Levels 12

     4. Home > History > Activity Logs

Here you can see the activity logs. You can filter them by performer users, date or operation.

YateMMI User Levels 13

     5. Network Map > Problems Report

Sensitive SIM data

  • other user levels (engineer, operator) are allowed to add/import SIM list but they cannot view sensitive SIM info or edit it; 
    KI/OP/OPC and KIC/KID/KIK will be displayed as locked fields in edit form and won’t be exported as SIM info
  • locked fields in edit SIM form for users that are not admin level are displayed as follows:
YateMMI User Levels 14
  • other SIM data can still be modified by other user levels


  • has access over most of the application sections:
    • can set network
    • can manage and manipulate equipment/subscribers/sims/profiles (except view/edit sensitive SIM data)
    • has access to debug module
    • can push changes to equipment
  • has no access to features available only for admin user:
    • cannot see MMI activity logs
    • cannot enable/disable modules
    • cannot customize MMI with company name and logo
    • cannot add/edit/delete users or impersonate them
    • has no access to “Problems Report” module from Network Map context
  • both admin and engineer have access to ‘Test API’ tool

Test API

  • located in the upper-right corner
'Test API' button location
  • it’s a tool that helps you test the API requests

'Test API' tool


  • has access to most of the MMI sections but cannot perform actions such as add/edit/delete, the auditor can only view the settings of those sections:
    • can view network and equipment settings
    • can Download configurations
    • has access to view equipment logs
    • can view ported numbers
    • can view debug session details
    • has access to uploaded files (Home > History)
    • can view and export profile/subscribers/SIM details (except view/export sensitive SIM data)
    • has access to Network Map
  • Besides features available only for admins, users with auditor level have the following restrictions:
    • cannot perform following actions on an equipment: restart service, reload, force config
    • have no access to schedule available package updates
    • have no access to “Test API” tool
    • have no access to apply and push any modification to the network (cannot use ‘has changes’ box)
    • cannot change debug level or overtake a debug session

Example of:

  • available action for equipment
equipment management bar in auditor view
  • set debug levels screen view

YateMMI User Levels 15


  • pseudo level created by inheriting auditor level

  • similar with auditor level but can modify debug level for equipment.

    Also logger user can take control over an already opened debug session.

Example of set debug levels screen view:

set debug level view for logger


  • has access only to Subscriber Management context
  • has permissions to all the actions (add/edit/delete) for this context (except view/edit sensitive SIM data)
  • “Search documentation” functions for all MMI documentation fields, but doesn’t allow access to restricted contexts
  • has no access to “Test API” tool
  • has no access to Network Map context
operator mmi view