Retrieve the aggregated captures for YateMMI

You can use YateMMI to download and aggregate captures from multiple machines.

Starting of the capture is done separately from each machine, not from YateMMI interface.

To retrieve captures go to  Equipment -> Debug -> Retrieve captures.
  •  the machines you want to download the captures from

Capture applies per machine, not node type. This is why you will be shown Management IP (name of installed equipment)

After selecting the machines you want aggregated capture from, a list of available capture types is returned from all the machines.
  •  from  File Types field you then select the capture types you want to see
  •  the time interval of interest by selecting a start/stop date and time which will not exceed the maximum duration specified after the File types field was displayed
  •  you can then open the downloaded file using Wireshark
Retrieve the aggregated captures for YateMMI 1