YateUSGW is a gateway based on Yate that converts USSD sessions and SMSs to HTTP requests, allowing implementation of USSD and SMS applications in an HTTP server.

YateUSGW overview

Setting up the YateUSGW

  • Information about how to set up YateUSGW, the USSD gateway based on Yate.

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
4067 6d 05h Added function to report unsupported MAP operations only if allowed by its class.
4064 13d 11h Added new PHP script that builds and displays the USSD application from a JSON structure.
3942 54d 12h Added option to associate network initiated USSD to USSD application. The 'code' parameter must be present in request and it also must be added as header in copyparams.
3867 77d 12h Increased number of workers since now they consume less CPU when idle.
3855 81d 09h Minor performance improvments in the TCAP library.
Added debug info to waitEnd se we know which kind of TCAP we wait for.
YateUSGW 1