YateUSGW is a gateway based on Yate that converts USSD sessions and SMSs to HTTP requests, allowing implementation of USSD and SMS applications in an HTTP server.

YateUSGW overview

    Using the REST API to send or receive short messages.

Setting up the YateUSGW

  • Information about how to set up YateUSGW, the USSD gateway based on Yate.

Miscellaneous YateUSGW

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
4295 18d 02h Added option to close MO/MT sync USSD session from network side by adding header 'operation':ussn/pssr in response from app.
4280 34d 00h Map 'unacceptable' error from ussd_map.cpp to http 409 error. Added help, commands: ussd list / ussd show ID.
4247 47d 01h Bug Fix: Session was not completely cleaned when the USSD dialog expired. Extra: Modified to return 40X HTTP error codes instead of 500 when detecting a bad request or when a request method is not supported
4243 51d 01h Populate /etc/services with the product's rmanager port if not already there.
4235 5502d 11h Added copyright header to the file.
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