YateUSGW is a gateway based on Yate that converts USSD sessions and SMSs to HTTP requests, allowing implementation of USSD and SMS applications in an HTTP server.

YateUSGW overview

    Using the REST API to send or receive short messages.

Setting up the YateUSGW

  • Information about how to set up YateUSGW, the USSD gateway based on Yate.

Miscellaneous YateUSGW

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
4751 48d 13h Also for json response: Return 202 instead of 200 so apps can have a hint that proccessing is async.
4750 51d 09h Reset high watermark stats when requested by Zabbix message or API request.
4749 51d 13h Added option to use ussd_json.php as middleware that receives REST request from YateUSGW or from other middleware, passes request to Yate and responds with JSON content and header 200(ok).
4669 87d 07h Made configuration of HTTP User-Agent more flexible.
Any engine runtime parameter can be inserted in the string.
4550 110d 13h Added to all products optional extra preparation operations.
Added where missing the extra build step operations.
YateUSGW 1