YateUSGW Configuration

YateUSGW can be configured from Mobile Management Interface.

YateMMI Sign in

At the purchase of your Yate-based products you will also receive log in credentials.

  • Once you have logged in, go to HOME context, Settings module, Users submenu and click Edit next to the user to modify the existing credential details.
  • More details about remote management interface can be found on YateMMI page

YateUSGW Configuration

Before you add any equipment and configure it, please configure your Network from My Network context.

If your network is configured, click Add equipment from Equipment context.

A navigation bar containing three configuration steps will appear: [Add equipment] -> [SS7 settings] -> [Diameter settings]

  • [Add equipment]
  • Set equipment Name
  • Select Custom equipment from the Node type dropdown
  • Complete Serial Number field
  • Specify equipment IP management interface
  • DO NOT CHECK Interrogate equipment IF management interface is
  • [SS7 settings]
  • Pointcode
  • Global title
  • Nnsf node
  • SCTP connection – M2PA link IP
  • STP1 connection ( Local port
  • STP1 connection ( Remote port
  • [Diameter settings]
  • Identity
  • Role
  • DRA Connection Local IP

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