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CDR details

The CDRs are build based on /etc/yate/smsc/cdrfile.conf or /etc/yate/ucn/cdrfile.conf files. In the files there are variables used to build the .tsv /.csv file. CDR files

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Unified EPC/IMS core network YateUCN is a unified core network solution intended for new LTE networks, for upgrading GSM/GPRS networks to LTE or for extending

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How to add a YateUCN equipment using the YateMMI web-based management interface

YateUCN Configuration

THIS PAGE IS A DRAFT Use YateMMI to configure your YateUCN. YateMMI is only installed on the first Yate-based machine you have purchased. Starting up

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JSON API for YateUCN Control

Request: query_stats Retrieve node statistics for the equipment. It is mandatory to provide the desired node type. Request { “request”:”query_stats”, “node”:”ucn” } Example response {“code”:0,

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