How to connect eNodeB to YateUCN, MME entity

We have noticed that there are several cases in which clients have had their own eNodeB equipment and wanted it to connect to our equipment (YateUCN which can be found in MiniCore).

This is possible by making the eNodeB to connect to the S1AP listener from the MME entity of YateUCN.

  • by default the listener in MiniCore is on (control plain for users - control of subscribers/phones)
  • also the RAN GTP-u listener is on (user plain - data of users is transferred)

The established connection between the eNodeB and MME entity can be seen in the YateUCN equipment console: telnet 0 5039

  • command to view the connections: mme list enodeb
  • mme + [tab] will reveal all mme entity options

Moreover, the eth-ran interface from the MiniCore has the IP address and has the following characteristics:

  • a DHCP server is running on this interface which can give IP addresses to any device connected (any eNodeB, LabKit, SatSite, laptop and/or PC)
    • network from which the IP pool is taken, range of possible clients: to
    • log of connected equipment are in file /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases
    • more equipment could receive IP addresses from the above mentioned range by adding a Switch between the MiniCore and the other equipment
Backside of MiniCore
  • the IP address can be changed to suffice other existing network requirements, but DHCP server needs to be stopped beforehand in order to no break the network
    • command to stop the DHCP server: systemctl stop dhcpd; systemctl disable dhcpd
  • it is best practice to reconfigure the YateUCN equipment with new IP address and then restart the equipment
  • also to consider that there are two loopback interfaces: lo:1 and lo:2 that have IP addresses and and are used as S5 addresses and PGW

For reference, the following video explains how LabKits connect to MiniCores. However, with the above information regarding the eth-ran interface of the MiniCore, it is clear that any other eNodeB equipment could replace the LabKit.