Frequently asked questions about MiniCore

Do you support Cell Broadcast in your telecom solution?

We support Cell Broadcast in LabKits only in GSM modes. ( )

We support Cell Broadcast in YateBTS (working modes: 2G NiPC, 2G roaming, 2G dataroam).
To activate the service you have to log in into LMI (Local Management Interface).
These types of messages imply more than just the RAN component (BTS/ENB)
Usually there is another application that pushes messages to the RAN component and RAN component pushes messages to the phones.
Phone must be set up to receive cell broadcast (emergency) messages. Some phones have this directly build in in the firmware.
Phones have 1000 channels (from 0 to 999) - named CMBR (Cell Broadcast Message Range)
SIMs also have a memory zone that can old up to 5 broadcast channels.
These codes differ for each country/continent.
For example Romania is using only 5 codes for Cell Broadcast (service named: RoAlert).
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