Sounds/Network prompts


YateUCN also implements a list of Network Sound Prompts to easy update the caller about the status of the call. A network prompt/sound is an audio message that informs the caller that the call cannot be completed or that the person he is trying to reach is not available at this time. In most instances, a network prompt sound is a prerecorded sound that informs the caller about the status of his call.

A caller might be entering a wrong number or is unable to make a call due to network congestion and will be notified by a network sound that there is a problem with his call. In other cases a network sound will be played if the outgoing calls are restricted and the caller has to contact Customer Care.

The list of Sounds/Network prompts

  • netcongestion.wav

NetworkName informs that your call cannot be completed due to network congestion

  • noanswer.wav

NetworkName informs that the person you are trying to reach cannot be reached at this time

  • offline.wav

NetworkName informs that the person you are trying to reach is offline or temporarily out of service.

  • outcallblock.wav

NetworkName informs that your outgoing calls are restricted, please contact Customer Care

  • unallocated.wav

NetworkName informs that the number you are trying to reach does not exist. OR NetworkName informs that the number you dialed does not exist.

  • .wav to .au

echo ‘sox $1 -r 8000 -c 1 -e a-law $’ > a
chmod +x a
./a sound.wav

  • simlinks

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Feb 4 17:41 ->
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 Feb 4 18:02 ->

  • regexroute.conf

.*=dispatch chan.masquerade;message=call.execute;id=${id};callto=wave/play//usr/share/yate/sounds/${reason}.au
; Adding the Cause in CPR results in multiple prompts... so no.
.*=enqueue call.progress;targetid=${id};earlymedia=true;oisup.EventInformation=inband
.*=return true;reason=normal-clearing

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