"YateBTS makes the impossible possible in terms of mobile networking by adding intelligence and features to the most important component of the radio network, the BTS."
Paul Chitescu, main developer of Yate at Null Team SRL
"YateBTS represents the next phase of what started with the OpenBTS® project."
David Burgess, original developer of OpenBTS® and CEO of Legba, Inc.
Roaming support
SS7 Roaming support for YateBTS based networks is provided by OpenVOLTE for voice and OpenSAE for data.
IAX over satellite
YateBTS utilizes IAX for saving bandwidth. For 7 channels uses only 96kbit versus the standard 250kbit that SIP uses.
It's Open Source
Open Source is in the history of both Yate and OpenBTS®.
Connect your Lab Kit to our Core Network for free
Create a free account to use our Hosted Core Network for testing purposes. Connect multiple Lab Kits and talk to other public users.
Why YateBTS?
Low power consumption
Rural areas in developing countries or remote locations experience low infrastructure and frequent power outages. YateBTS has a reduced power consumption without decreasing its performance.
Flexible and stable
YateBTS makes use of an enhanced JavaScript functionality for creating any custom voice and data application imaginable.
YateBTS was designed to be compatible with IMS core network.
Management tools
The team behind YateBTS has created a Mobile Management Interface that effectively manages your core network's VLR/MSC, HLR and HSS. SNMP protocol is also available.
Creates GSM redundant networks
The risk of having a malfunctioning network decreases with YateBTS and the OpenVolTE and OpenSAE routing servers.
Low cost
YateBTS brings one of the most cost-effective mobile technology solutions to the market.