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SS7ware showcases @ the MVNOs World Congress 2017

SS7ware offers affordable MVNO equipment such as HSS/HLR, SMSC, GMSC, GGSN and PGW in two products: YateHSS/HLR si YateUCNTM (the unified core network equipment for 2G/3G/4G LTE networks). Read more

YateBTS 5May 11, 2015
GPRS Timing advance & power control, GGSN support
YateBTS 4July 28, 2014
Handover, Redundancy support for YateUCN
YateBTS 3April 28, 2014
Roaming(c), BladeRF support
Previous versions
video hp lte registiPhone 6 phone registration to YateUCN TM
video hp lte lk iotLTE LabKit TMfor IoT testing and research
video hp lte lkLTE LabKit TMfor research, development and education
Box imageProfitable
The SatSite increases the Return on Investment by lowering the cost for installation, configuration and management. It provides GSM and LTE from the same equipment, decreasing the costs for backhaul and site installation.
Box imageRoaming support
YateUCN TM, the unified core network based on Yate, provides roaming support via Diameter or SS7-MAP for SatSite networks in any LTE, GSM or mixed configuration.
Box imageLinux-based OS
All Yate-based products run on Linux. This makes them easy to manage and service, and reduces the need for training.
Box imageRedundancy and load balancing
SatSites, YateUCN servers and YateHSS/HLR servers are connected through many-to-many relationships, providing automatic load balancing and eliminating single points of failure.
Box imageLow-power
The LTE SatSite Model 142 provides up to 10 Watts of LTE or GSM output power with a total power consumption of less than 80 Watts, or up to 10 Watts with a power consumption of just 65 Watts.
Box imageFlexible
The SatSite can use almost any IP backhaul to suit any network architecture, and can run as either an LTE eNodeB (YateENB) or a GSM/GPRS BSS (YateBTS) using the same YateUCN core network.