2.5G/LTE Base Station
Jan 28,2016

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YateBTS 5May 11, 2015
GPRS Timing advance & power control, GGSN support
YateBTS 4July 28, 2014
Handover, Redundancy support for YateUCN
YateBTS 3April 28, 2014
Roaming(c), BladeRF support
Previous versions
YateBTS brings profitability to your mobile network. Running on a non-proprietary operating system and using a software-defined radio board, YateBTS is profitable to operate.
Roaming Support
YateUCN, the unified core network based on Yate, provides networks powered by YateBTS with SS7 Roaming, for both voice and data.
YateBTS utilizes IAX for saving bandwidth. It uses only 96kbit for 7 channels, versus the standard 250kbit of SIP.
Rural areas in developing countries or remote locations experience low infrastructure and frequent power outages. YateBTS has a reduced power consumption without decreasing its performance.
The risk of network failure decreases significantly with the YateBTS SatSite communicating simultaneously with multiple YateUCNs.
YateBTS is software upgradable to LTE and uses variable IP backhauls to suit any network architecture.