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How to become an MVNO

How to become an MVNO The first thing you need in order to start your MVNO business is making sure you implement a cost-efficient Core

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Multi-Access Edge Computing technology brings the data processing closer to the end user or device, ensuring faster reaction and also lower costs for providers.

Multi-access edge computing (MEC)

Multi-access Edge Computing and Current Applications What is Multi-access Edge Computing (formerly known as Mobile Edge Computing) Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) technology brings the network

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IoT testing using LTE LabKit for IoT development

IoT application testing

IoT applications testing The LTE LabKit and the Hosted Core are designed to provide a complete local IoT application testing environment in urban or rural

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Yate-based LTE and GSM Software-defined Mobile Network

Network functions

GSM mobile-originated call in YateUCNTM – SatSite network Pure IP solution, any network backhaul is supported with low packet loss rates. Doesn’t require a BSC

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IP-based backhaul

GSM/GPRS IP backhaul Our GSM/GPRS backhaul is offered over any IP connectivity (IP radio, microwave, VSAT, fiber, 3G/UMTS) as opposed to the costly satellite backhaul,

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