Data traffic increase due to worldwide lockdown

The COVID-19 health crisis created a different behavior when it comes to internet consumption. Mobile operators have been facing network overload because of the lockdown all over the world.

Our EPC solution can help you overcome all the network data traffic increase caused by the COVID-19 health crisis lockdown.

High demand for data traffic without additional revenue caused by the lockdown

  • Work from home
    A lot of companies had to adjust to the current reality and enable a remote working system. This effort of keeping the economy alive thanks to the possibility of working from home lead to the internet traffic growth during the pandemic.
  • Entertainment from home
    “At Netflix, we’re acutely aware that we are fortunate to have a service that is even more meaningful to people confined at home, and which we can operate remotely with minimal disruption in the short to medium term. Like other home entertainment services, we’re seeing temporarily higher viewing and increased membership growth” Netflix said on April 21, 2020.
remote working lead to internet traffic increase
  • Education from home
    As remote working has gained a lot of ground during the COVID-19 lockdown, so has the online education. Both public and private schools and universities have implemented online programs to keep the students on track with their exams.

All these social changes lead to an increase of data traffic by almost 35%, as reported by a mobile operator in Spain. This means that the networks are being overloaded and mobile operators as well as Internet Service Providers need to come up with cost-effective and fast solutions to keep their networks standing in such a difficult time without extra-charging their subscribers. 

The subscribers use more resources without paying extra money. This means you need to invest in network equipment without economical reasons and these expenses may cause long-term business development problems.

Cost-effective Unified LTE EPC solution

At YateBTS we understand the importance of a cost-effective technical solution to overcome such a crisis.

YateUCN (Unified Core Network) is our LTE EPC solution that provides maximum functionality for all the EPC nodes in a single server.

Having all of these functions in a single product decreases the need for setting up extra machines for each node. This means you are exempt of the acquisition and implementation process of each separate node.

  • YateUCN
    YateUCN components

    ✔ Mobility Management Entity (MME)
    ✔ Serving Gateway (SGW)
    ✔ PDN Gateway (PGW)
    ✔ Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF)
YateUCN is the LTE EPC solution for data traffic increase due to lockdown

Extending your current LTE network can solve the data traffic loading problem by supporting more sessions. YateUCN is intended for new LTE networks, upgrading GSM/GPRS networks to LTE or extending without any changes to your current LTE network. 

This leads to a higher return on investment without affecting the reliability of the network or the provided services.

  • YateUCN
    Cost-effective solution

    ✔ Software-defined network solution – it requires only an installation procedure on a Linux machine.

    ✔ Enables carriers to deploy LTE networks with reduced initial investment.

    ✔ Runs on commodity hardware, allowing for a simplified network architecture and lower deployment costs.
software-based epc solution

The timeline of the project

This global health crisis has moved fast and we barely had the time to deal with the panic and all the changes happening right now. Having to solve a telecom problem that might affect the lives of millions of people out there should have to be simple and fast with no other delays. 

In the telecom industry it usually takes months to acquire a network function and the difficult implementation and all the needed procedures could increase even more the project’s timeline.

We thought this time everyone needs to skip the ballet around quotations and acquisition processes and just the job done. This is why we implemented a 2-weeks delivery system for YateUCN.

We can deliver YateUCN within 2 weeks

  • Fast delivery system
    The 2-weeks delivery system can reduce both the costs and the project’s timeline.
  • Scalability
    You can add more servers or separate the functionality without worrying about the timeline
  • Network resiliency
    In case of equipment failure you can easily configure another server to take up the functions of the fault node.

YateUCN is the EPC solution for data traffic increase due to worldwide lockdown

YateUCN is a cost-effective high capacity unified core network solution. It provides higher return on investment without affecting the reliability of the network or the provided services. It is a software-based EPC solution that can be delivered within 2 weeks and increases the capacity of your LTE network at a very low cost.

Our EPC solution can help you overcome all the network data traffic increase caused by the COVID-19 health crisis lockdown. 

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