LTE/GSM Core Network for private networks set up easily in hard to reach places

  • Software-defined Core Network
    ✓ LiteCore is installed on an industrual computer which makes it strong and lasting.
  • Suitable for private networks
    ✓ LiteCore is suitable for private LTE for enterprise
  • RAC mountable
    ✓ LiteCore comes with a RAC and you can also install it in your data center.
    ✓ The RAC is 2U.
  • 1000 users
    ✓ LiteCore allows up to 1000 users.
  • Shockproof and passive cooling
    ✓ It can be used in war zones or mines because you can connect it to SatSite (LTE eNodeB) and you have your own strong and lasting network


LiteCore comes with the following software components installed:

  • YateHLR/HSS (AuC, HLR, HSS, Subscriber management)
  • YateSMSC (SMS store-and-forward, routing, home routed SMS)
  • YateSTP (routing of SS7 messages by Point Code or Global Title)
  • YateDRA (routing of Diameter messages by host, realm, application)
  • YateMMI (Web management interface)

NOTE: On demand additional components can be installed on the same hardware.


  • Setup/edit mobile network and component preferences via MMI management interface
  • Minimal monitoring of each network component, additional YateBTS monitoring possible
  • Wireshark capture of communication between components including decrypted IMS traffic
  • JSON API integration with any SIM management and CRM systems
  • JSON and REST API for sending SMS
  • Can use both SIGTRAN/SS7 and Diameter for signaling
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Works both stand alone and with external components

Communication Protocols

  • M2PA or M3UA-ASP over SIGTRAN, SCTP (CRC32)
  • ITU or ANSI SCCP and SS7 MTP
  • E.164, E.212 (ANSI), E.214 (ITU), TT or PC SCCP addressing
  • Can connect to multiple STP/GW
  • CAMEL phase 2
  • Diameter
  • 3GPP Applications S6a/S6d, Cx/Dx
  • SCTP or TCP transport
  • Can establish or listen for connections
  • Can connect to multiple Routing Agents
  • HTTP
  • JSON API server for configuration and subscriber management
  • JSON API for monitoring and information retrieval
  • REST API client for visited network change notification
  • JSON and REST API for sending SMS
  • SNMP
  • SNMP v2 or v3 for information retrieval
  • Traps sending for alarms
  • Telnet
  • Management CLI for each component
  • Optional SSL and password protection
  • Voice interconnect
  • SIP and RTP
  • G711, GSM and AMR codecs
  • SIP
  • Supported standards (RFC3261)
  • Registrar function
  • B2BUA for calls
  • RTP (RFC3550) with sideband DTMF (RFC2833)
  • SMS and USSD over IP
  • SMPP
  • Standard version 3.3
  • Supports bidirectional communication
  • Authorization of voice calls, data sessions and short messages
  • Postpaid accounting for voice, data and SMS
  • Prepaid support by re-authorization
  • Support for 3GPP, Cisco VoIP VSA and Cisco ISG VSA dictionaries
  • SMS
  • Format: SMS PDU (MO and MT)
  • MAP/SS7 transport (T-PDU format)
  • SIP MESSAGE transport (SMS over IP, R-PDU format)
  • CDR
  • Flexible file format (default .tsv files) with customizable table headers
  • Automatic file rotation
  • Optional file transfer: FTP, SFTP, SCP
  • JSON HTTP push API
  • RADIUS with 3GPP and Cisco dictionaries

Communication Interfaces

  • C interface
  • D interface
    MAP, HLR ↔ VLR
  • E interface
    MAP, MSC ↔ MSC
  • F interface
    MAP, MSC ↔ EIR
  • J interface
    MAP, HSS ↔ gsmSCF for USSD
  • Gr interface
  • Gc Interface
    GTP or MAP, GGSN ↔ HSS, optional
  • S6a/S6d
    Diameter, MME/SGSN ↔ HSS
  • S13
    Diameter, MME/SGSN → EIR
  • SIP, RTP
    YateBTS ↔ VLR
  • S1 interface
    S1AP & GTP-U, YateENB ↔ EPC
  • Gn/Gp interface
    GTPv1, SGSN and GGSN
  • S5/S8 Interface
    GTPv2, SGW and PGW
  • Gi/SGi Interface
    IP, connects to Public Data Network

Physical specs LiteCore

  • Dimensions
    19.5 cm length
    16 cm width
    4.5 cm in height
  • Weight
    1.5 kg

Physical specs RAC version

  • Dimensions
    44 cm lenght
    30 cm width
    8.5 cm height
  • Weight
    3.5 kg
LiteCore backside

Hardware Interfaces

  • 1
    Dual Gigabyte ethernet
  • 2
    VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort video*
  • 3
    2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB-C port and 4 USB 2 ports
  • 4
    4 serial ports DB9 connector
  • 5
    12V Power supply, 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz (included)

*Due to radio interference, we strongly recommend to use DVI/HDMI connectors only for the initial setup