MWC19 – Technology and Connectivity in Mobile and Communications today and in the future

Join Yate BTS in Barcelona from 25-28 February 2019.
This time around we are attending as visitors and we hope to ‘connect’ with you there.

Each year the GSMA Mobile World Congress, held in the city of Barcelona, Spain, brings together more than 100,000 attendees from the tech community and thousands of exhibitors, making it the largest exhibition in the mobile industry and the world.

This year the event has been branded ‘’MWC19’’ and the theme is ‘’Intelligent connectivity’’. This not only describes the trends and goals within the mobile and communications industries but also what the exhibition has achieved through the years by bringing together tech industry experts, advanced corporations, innovative startups, and other brilliant minds and pioneers from all industries that helps the world to get and stay connected.

The MWC19 also has secondary themes that tie in with the ‘’Intelligent connectivity’’ tagline/main theme which clarify just how and why the scope of the Mobile World Congress has expanded to include more than just ‘’mobile’’.

  • 5g-icon
    With hundreds of thousands of monthly searches being conducted and thousands of articles being written about it, 5G will be the centerpiece for the MWC19 connectivity topic, especially how to make 5G a reality.
  • lightbulb
    Disruptive innovation
    No matter the technology market trend, the consumer’s choice is placed first for this theme. Innovation in technology creates new markets, some that might not be focused only on society growth and evolution, but quite the opposite. Companies do know a way or two to get around this.
  • bullseye
    The Future
    This so straightforward describing sub-theme includes the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) experience, as well even – some may call sci-fi – insights into the technologies and applications up to the year 2028 and beyond.
  • artificial-intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence aka AI
    AI is artificial human intelligence as demonstrated by machines demonstrated that will continue to transform the lives of consumers, companies and end users alike.
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The Yate BTS team, comprising Diana Cionoiu (CEO Yate), Lucian Bila (Business Developer) and David Burgess (Founder Yate BTS) will be in attendance for the whole MWC19, from 25-28 February.

The Yate BTS team is looking forward to being a part of the community of attendees this year, aiming to get more insight into emerging technologies, future trends and, most especially, to meet up with our Yate community members and customers to share the experience of MWC19 together.

Send us an email and we’ll arrange a meet up