pySIM is a SIM card management tool and is used in Web UI for NiPC Management to write SIM cards.

  • This documentation page is obsolete and is no longer in use for the current versions of YateBTS. See the YateBTS documentation here ››​

Requirements for running pySIM



Note! You need the development packages for pcsc-lite and python. The package names depend on your distribution.

Download the pyscard-1.6.12.tar.gz

Untar the source distribution.

From a terminal with root privileges, type the following:

/usr/bin/python build_ext install

This will build pyscard and install it in the site-packages directory of your python distribution, e.g. /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/smartcard.

Install pySIM from git

In /usr/src put pySIM from git:

git clone git:// pysim

This is the default path set to run the pySIM script.

Now you can write SIMs from NiPC interface, from Write SIM button: