YateSIGX is a product that allows creation of custom Signalling Exchange protocol intervention rules and algorithms for SS7 TCAP and Diameter based interfaces.

YateSIGX Overview

This section contains common information about YateSIGX.

  • Information about the role and functions of YateSIGX, the SIGnalling eXchange intervention based on Yate.
  • Instructions on how to use the JSON API to retrieve information about node statistics and more.
  • YateSIGX Configuration
    Information on how to configure YateSIGX, SS7 and Diameter.
  • YateSIGX Customization
    Information on how to perform protocol intervention for custom needs.

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
5157 375d 10h Add support for API request for message simulation.
5130 384d 07h Add loading of prettify script and script configuration to products that could use it.
Depends on yate-common commit 161.
4889 489d 07h Bumped version numbers and dependencies for release.
4750 548d 07h Reset high watermark stats when requested by Zabbix message or API request.
4550 607d 11h Added to all products optional extra preparation operations.
Added where missing the extra build step operations.
YateSIGX 1