YateSIGX is a product that allows creation of custom Signalling Exchange protocol intervention rules and algorithms for SS7 TCAP and Diameter based interfaces.

YateSIGX Overview

This section contains common information about YateSIGX.

  • Information about the role and functions of YateSIGX, the SIGnalling eXchange intervention based on Yate.
  • Instructions on how to use the JSON API to retrieve information about node statistics and more.
  • YateSIGX Configuration
    Information on how to configure YateSIGX, SS7 and Diameter.
  • YateSIGX Customization
    Information on how to perform protocol intervention for custom needs.

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
3867 77d 13h Increased number of workers since now they consume less CPU when idle.
3821 101d 07h Force the message creation time and ignore anything an external module sets.
This avoids messages of external modules altering statistic message age.
3696 166d 08h Use the HTTP client module from yate-curl if available.
3319 350d 11h Ignore any YAML files in the SVN api directories.
3101 455d 08h Added API requests for handling log levels per module.
YateSIGX 1