YateNPDB was designed to manage the number portability database. It offers an API to set series or individually ported numbers. It comes installed with our products that need to interrogate the number portability database (for example YateSTP).

YateNPDB Overview

This section contains common information about YateNPDB.

  • General information about the JSON API and how you can use it for node configuration, set up or management.
  • Generic information about licensing system.

Latest Changes

Revision number Time since commit Commit message
4282 33d 22h Fixed length validation for target.
4117 94d 06h Added search_ported API request that searches number in series or in individually ported numbers. If 'required' is added in params and number is not found, 404 is returned, otherwise empty positive response.
3962 156d 01h Added 'del_ported' to list of supported requests.
3961 156d 01h Fixes: validate 'number' field to be numeric, added 'del_ported' to list of supported requests.
3815 220d 17h Only process known API operations.
YateNPDB 1