YateNPDB was designed to manage the number portability database. It offers an API to set series or individually ported numbers. It comes installed with our products that need to interrogate the number portability database (for example YateSTP or YateSMSC).

   If you want to use  Number Portability in current network deployment, you need:
1. install yate-npdb
   uprmi.update -a;urpmi yate-npdb  (for Mageia OS)
   yum makecache fast;yum install yate-npdb (for CentOS OS)
  dnf makecache; dnf install yate-npdb (for other Linux OSes)

2. Add equipment of type: npdb from YateMMI web management interface
   Log into MMI, go to Equipment -> Add custom equipment (bottom left corner) -> add required* fields (type = npdb)

3. Add a test phone number / serie
   Number portability database has 2 types or matching: per number and per series of numbers
   Log into MMI, go to Equipment -> Number Portability -> Here 4 tables are found
   a) Statistics
   b) Check
   c) Set ported, which adds a phone number in YateNPDB (Number Portability database)
   d) Set series, which adds a serie of numbers in Yate NPDB (Number Portability database)

4. This procedure (steps: 1, 2 and 3) are made per node/server who need yate-npdb.
   For example if server1 has YateSTP and server2 has YateSMSC, we need to install 2x yate-npdb software: one on server1 and one on server2
   We can define the name of the equipment like this: server1-npdb and server2-npdb

YateMMI acts as a centralized entity of various YateNPDB entities (see point 4) in the way that if a request (add/edit/delete number or series from NPDB) is sent directly to YateMMI, MMI will broadcast the request to each active yate-npdb entity configured.
Number Portability database are offering a way for systems administrators of MNO or MVNOs to implement/manage MNP (Mobile Number Portability)
MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is the functionality, which enables subscribers to change their service provider (MNO/MVNO) whilst keeping their already assigned/existing MSISDN phone number.
Depending on globe zone or country, MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is implemented in varying ways (recipient-led or donor-led).
More about MNP can be found on Wikipedia. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_number_portability )

YateNPDB Overview

This section contains common information about YateNPDB.

  • General information about the JSON API and how you can use it for node configuration, set up or management.
  • Generic information about licensing system.

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