YateBTS 5.0 leads the way to smart farming

Legba and SS7ware, two innovative companies in the open-source mobile industry, release YateBTS 5.0. YateBTS is a GSM/GPRS network implementation that enables mobile operators to bring IoT coverage to rural areas. YateBTS 5.0 is available for download at www.yatebts.com.

From the plains of Washington State to the dry Sahara, improving productivity is most farmers’ concern. While many IoT devices exist to support them, they need connectivity to work.

YateBTS facilitates the delivery of IoT applications to farms, to increase farming efficiency and optimize productivity.

YateBTS is a software implementation of GSM/GPRS radio access networks, offering scalable voice and data solutions to rural communities in remote locations. YateBTS runs on SatSite, a 2.5G/4G base station designed for areas with limited infrastructure.

YateBTS 5.0 leads the way to smart farming 1

Using YateBTS SatSite, mobile operators can reduce network installation and maintenance costs, by operating the base station using solar or wind energy.

SatSite’s low power consumption of as little as 45W makes it optimal to run in areas where grid power is not available. The base station’s lightweight design makes it a particularly practical solution for remote rural areas.

Isolated rural communities can leverage the advantages of IoT applications to develop new economic systems by optimizing processes such as soil and weather monitoring, water management, or herd tracking.

YateBTS 5.0 brings two major improvements to GPRS:

Better GPRS performance for timing advance and power control, to allow optimal provisioning for remote IoT connected devices.

Local IP allocation to bring IoT to areas served only by satellite. With local IP assignment, data can be routed more efficiently for non-mobile devices.

Supporting Quotes

“YateBTS 5.0 was designed having in mind a faster, more reliable infrastructure for the rural area. With version 5, we hope to bring YateBTS to isolated communities and help them integrate in today’s connected landscape”,
David Burgess, CEO of Legba, Inc.

“The features in the YateBTS 5.0 release provides mobile operators with more efficiency and network resilience; in short, YateBTS 5 will make it easy to accommodate IoT solutions that we haven’t even thought of yet”,
Diana Cionoiu, CEO SS7ware, Inc.

About us
Legba, Inc. provides innovative infrastructure for mobile operators.
SS7ware Inc. provides 2.5G/4G mobile networks. The company is a subsidiary of Null Team, the creators of Yate.

Legal Notices
YateBTS is a trademark of Legba, Inc.

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