About US - YateBTS journey

YateBTS is a mobile equipment manufacturer for Core Network, providing affordable software-defined mobile network serving primarily MNOs and MVNOs globally distributed.

Since the Launch of Yate Technology, we have remained focused on our customers’ needs and satisfaction.

This is possible through our vision of continuous innovation and adaptation in the telecommunication market and anticipating technological trends. We value our customers’ wishes and deliver the best for every client.

Our Values and Mission

  • High-quality products with low-cost investment
  • Remote configured and controlled solutions
  • Software integrated into commodity hardware
  • Staying on top of new technologies and quick adaptation
  • Foreseeing and anticipating industry changes
  • Reduce operator cost
  • Public prices and transparency

A walk through YateBTS history


It started with an open-source telephony server

Started in 2004, YateBTS has metamorphosed from a group of liked minded individuals, the Company Null team, to the next generation innovation in the telecommunication sector. It all started with a Launch of an Open-source telephony server as a VoIP/PSTN engine, which was extended with various modules. It was initially designed for VoIP and TDM but became scalable and suitable not just for small private networks, but for Large multi-site installations.


Google voice was launched based on Yate

This was proven by Google voice, which was launched based on the Yate Software in 2009. It didn’t take long for us to develop ss7 over IP and implemented it for our first client, SILEK.


SS7Ware in California

This gave birth to the company SS7Ware in California, the USA in 2011, as a subsidiary of Null. As at the same time, Google Voice had reached 50 million users.

Later on, in 2011, we successfully incorporated SS7Ware as a Romanian branch in America and Opened an office in San Francisco in 2012 with a signed partnership with Range Networks, a company owned by David Burgess.


Legba LTE

David Burgess opened a new company in Romania, named Legba after his camp from Burning man.

The camp Papa Legba was the voodoo god of telecommunications.


The start of YateBTS

Legba and Null introduced the release of YateBTS, a mixture between OpenBTS and Yate.


Core Network products

The developement of the production line equipment, YateHSS/HLR, YateUCN, and YateSMSC.


Radio Access Network products

In 2017, we provided the full core network for the first MNO, and we delivered the first SatSite 142 and the first LTE LabKit.


The developement of 2Greet, the VoLTE IMS complementary solution and YateOTA, the management system for SIM configuration using Over-The-Air technology.


We are presently based in Bucharest, Romania serving customers all over the world, such as in the USA, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, and many more.

The future is ahead

Yate-based products

Core Network

  • YateUCN
    ✔ Unified EPC/IMS Core Network intended for new LTE networks, for upgrading GSM/GPRS networks to LTE or for extending existing LTE networks. It can also be used as a GSM/GPRS Core Network.
  • YateHSS

    ✔ YateHSS/HLR stores and manages the SIM database for mobile networks. It also manages multiple subscriber identities (from different technologies) in one server, providing seamless services over different networks
  • YateSMSC
    ✔ A SMSC with the functions of receiving, forwarding, storing and delivering SMSs in GSM, UMTS, LTE or custom networks. It uses standard SS7/MAP and SMPP interfaces.

Radio Access Network

  • YateBTS eNodeB
    ✔ The SatSite Model 142 is a complete 4G LTE eNodeB, containing both the radio and baseband functions. It can also be configured via software to operate as a 2.5G GSM/GPRS BTS+BSC.
  • LabKit HD
    ✔ Lab EnodeB and LTE Callbox that can be used as a Lab eNodeB LTE & GSM basestation on your desk, or as a test callbox on your production line.

“Our vision has always been to reduce operator costs by innovating with mobile network equipment. So we're very excited to see this group come to life, and we're confident that joining efforts with our industry partners, we'll manage to create better access for thousands of those isolated communities in the world."

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