YateOTA - OTA server solution for remote updates

YateOTA is a system that provides the functions required to update SIM and mobile devices configuration using Over-The-Air messages over SMS.
It provides front-end, back-end and gateway functions to build SIM update campaigns and run them over a mobile network, among other use cases. YateOTA is a proprietary OTA server fully implemented in software, developed for operators in any market, location and of any size.

YateOTA OTA Server (Over-the-Air) for OTA provisioning SIM remote updates

OTA platform solutions for operators

  • Launching campaigns for advertising and marketing to increase ARPU, as activating a new option
  • Reducing costs for SIM and UEs replacements due to updates such as 4G and soon 5G support
  • Creating campaigns for updates or new applications, as adding a new roaming partner or news on applet
  • New features quick remote update for the continuously increase of IoT connected devices without needing to change the user equipment

Features and OTA platform benefits

  • Updates files on SIM via the standard RFM (Remote File Manager) application.
  • Installs or updates Javacard applets via RAM (Remote Application Manager) application.
  • Signs with OTA keys and deliver prebuilt OTA data from other proprietary programs for custom applications.
  • Builds OTA campaigns to update a large number of SIMs over time.
  • Open web JSON API for OTA submission, configuration and control - that also allows customization and integration with other tools.
  • Campaign building and management via a Web based interface.
  • Web based profile scan and edit SIM cards inserted in a local or remote card reader.
  • Fully implemented in software, can be run in a virtual machine in a datacenter facility or in cloud.
  • Low deployment and per-subscriber cost.
  • Uses SS7 MAP/SIGTRAN or SMPP interfaces to SMSC, optional JSON API to YateSMSC.
  • Monitoring via SNMP, Zabbix or JSON API.

Yate OTA server is suitable for operators of any type, size, location and industry.

  • Easy to setup and use
    The OTA server is preconfigured, ready for use after license purchase
  • Numerous use cases
    The operator can configure and apply a multitude of use cases and features
  • High customization capabilities
    The web based interface of the OTA platform can be integrated with other tools and customized, complexified according to the customer’s needs
  • Support availability
    Assistance is provided from the initial setup and throughout the product’s use. This includes additional features, changes and testing or new uses cases.
  • Scalability
    Allows enhancements and adapts to an operator’s growth in UEs or other custom needs
  • Free updates
    Customers benefit from free updates and upgrades of the OTA server and the correspondent support

Yate OTA server software specifications

  • Operating System
    Linux based, 64 bit
  • SS7 interface
  • MAP protocol
    ETSI MAP versions 1, 2 and 3
  • SMPP interface
    SMPP version 3.4, TLS supported
  • CLI interface
    Telnet protocol
  • SIM card protocol
    GSM 03.48 Rel. 5.9, GlobalPlatform version 2.3
  • Local SIM card reader
    PC/SC interface, delivered with ACR-39 USB card reader
    Over HTTP or HTTPS