Handler priorities in YateUCN

This is the list of message handlers and details about how they interact with specific components.

MessageComponentMatch paramMatch valueDef. priorityAdjustableNotesDescriptionVisited MO CallVisited MT CallHome MO callHome MT callVisited MO SMSVisited MT SMSVisited MO USSDVisited MT USSD
-ucn_mo_redir--50-onPreRouteRestores home routed call parameters to the original ones in v-MSC--Y-----
-ucn_sipussdmodulesip50yesonPreRouteIdentifies IMS USSD sessions and sets route_type = "ussd" if applicable------Y-
-ucn_vlr--75-onPreRouteHandles inbound MO calls from YBTS or IMSY-------
-regexroutecaller-100yes[contexts]Only if context is not set, caller is not empty or prerouteall=trueYYYY----
-ucn_scscf--30yesonRouteASDetects and handles INVITEs returned by external Application Servers--------
-regexroute--40-[check_porting]Perform checks on ${called}, set porting or npdi parameters--------
-ucn_npdbportingtrue505-100onPortingInterrogates local sqlite NPDB, only if npdi is not already trueY-YY----
-ucn_gmscportingtrue555-100onPortingInterrogates NP via TS 23.066 SRI, only if npdi is not already true---Y----
-regexroute--70-[check_roaming]Set the msisdn parameter for numbers to be handled by GMSC--------
-ucn_gmscroamingtrue80-onRouteExecutes MT call routing by sending SRI to HLR---Y----
-regexroutecalled-100yes[default]Only if called is not emptyYYYY----
-ucn_vlrroute_typecall/none110-onRouteRoutes MT calls via MSRN or MSISDNYY------
call.route (msg)
-ucn_mscroute_typemsg70yesonSmsRouteRoutes SMS to MSC or IMS according to CS registration-----Y--
-ucn_csfbroute_typemsg75yesonSmsRouteRoutes SMS to CSFB or MME when attached combined-----Y--
-ucn_mme_sgsnroute_typemsg80yesonSmsRoute (lib_mme_imp)Routes SMS to local MME for NAS delivery-----Y--
call.route (ussd)
-ucn_sipussdroute_typeussd90yesonRouteRoutes USSD to and from SIP sessions------YY
-ucn_ssf--10-onExecute (lib_ssf_call)Populates BCSM parameters from CSI which is added by ucn_vlr or ucn_gmscY--Y----
-ucn_csfbcalltoCSFB10-onCallExecuteParks MT call and initiates CSFB-Y------
-ucn_vlrvlr_fillyes25-onCallExecuteFillPopulates various SIP call parameters--------
-ucn_diam_chargingocstrue80yesonCallExec (lib_diam_charging)---------
-ysipchancalltosip/...90-SIPDriver msgExecuteBuilds and sends INVITE for outbound SIP callsYY-Y---Y
-camel_bcsmcalltobcsm/...90BCSMModule msgExecute-Creates a Basic Call State Machine and sends CAMEL Initial Detection PointY--Y----
-ucn_msccalltoMSC70-onSmsDeliverAdjusts message parameters to deliver MT SMS over YBTS or IMS-----Y--
-ucn_csfbcalltoCSFB75-onSmsDeliverDelivers SMS over remote MME or changes callto parameter for local MME-----Y--
-ucn_mme_sgsncalltoMME80-onSmsDeliver (lib_mme_impl)Delivers SMS over local LTE NAS-----Y--
-ysipchancalltosip/...100-SIPDriver::receivedBuilds and sends outbound SIP MESSAGE-----Y--