PMN authoritative DNS server

Public Mobile Network PMN authoritative DNS server

We currently don’t have a product to cover this type of service, but our customers normally install two DNS servers (usually Berkeley bind but others are possible) and put the RRs there.

These are the servers declared in IR.21 section 17 “List of PMN authoritative DNS server IP addresses and names”

If your network has multi-IMSI enabled, please be aware to set up both domains (home domain + roaming domain)
At the end you will have a pair of .gprs zone + zone per home network identity + on pair of  .gprs zone + zone per roaming identity

The DNS should be accessible from GRX/IPX and authoritative for two zones:


2G/3G SGSNs without S4 interface form a name like .mnc001.mcc001.gprs and expect A records of the GTP-C interface(s) of the GGSN/PGW(s).

LTE SGWs and SGSNs with S4 form a name like and use a more complex scheme returning first NAPTR (with preference and order) and then A records.

Example for APN internet in zone mnc001.mcc001.gprs:

internet   IN   A
internet   IN   A 

Example for APN internet in zone

internet.apn.epc   IN   NAPTR   100   10   “a”   “x-3gpp-pgw:x-s8-gtp”   “”   pgw.epc
internet.apn.epc   IN   NAPTR   110   10    “a”   “x-3gpp-pgw:x-gp”         “”   pgw.epc
internet.apn.epc   IN   NAPTR   100   10    “a”   “x-3gpp-ggsn:x-gp”       “”    pgw.epc
pgw.epc   IN    A
pgw.epc   IN    A

internet.apn.epc   IN   A
internet.apn.epc   IN   A

The last two records are not mandatory but are provided as a fallback

Various other scenarios are possible with fallback PGWs (via order in NAPTR) or with DNS views (split horizon) directing the session to “nearest” gateway but they are quite advanced and require detailed knowledge of DNS and mobile networks