Network Repository Function (NRF)

NRF is a part of YateNRF.


The Network Repository Function (NRF) is the network node(s) repository (database).


  • The NRF implements registration and discovery of various other 5G network services, either in local or a remote network.
  • The NRF also provides a service for requesting OAuth2 access tokens.
  • Support for 5G roaming is provided via a Security Proxy that transports requests between networks.
  • Its function is similar to those provided to 2/3/4G by SS7 STP, Diameter DRA and data services DNS.
  • NRF services don’t include request forwarding, only register/discover/subscribe/notify.
  • Starting with rel. 16 a new node, SCP (Service Communication Proxy) will be described. It will forward requests to destination based on NRF interaction.
The NRF allows any other network nodes to:

The 5G Call Flow process

MiniCore is a Software-defined compact Core Network that can be used as a test 5G network, LTE/IMS or GSM/GPRS Core Network.
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