SS7ware and Globecomm Complete Roaming Compatibility Test

SS7ware performs the first successful interoperability roaming test of its SDMN (software-defined mobile network) with Globecomm’s hosted hybrid core network.

The test involved the 2.5G YateBTS and the YateUCNTM from SS7ware, and Globecomm’s core network and BSS. Globecomm, a leading commercial provider of managed wireless network solutions, serves mobile operators around the world, including South America, the United States and the Caribbean.

In the test, the SS7ware SDMN served as the roaming network for SIMs held in the Globecomm HLR. Handsets served by YateBTS and YateUCNTM registered to the Globecomm core network, placed and received telephone calls and sent and received text messages (SMS).

This testing demonstrates how SS7ware’s SDMN products and the Globecomm hosted network can be used together to provide an affordable, full solution for 2.5G and 4G networks.

Supporting Quotes

“SS7ware provides 2/2.5G and 4G software-defined mobile networks based on YateBTS and YateUCN TM. This interoperability test is an important step in bringing our technology to the mobile operator market in the Americas. It also allows us to show that our SDMN approach is compatible with the traditional equipment used by commercial operators.” ,
said Diana Cionoiu, CEO of SS7ware, Inc.

“The future of mobile communications lies in flexible, easy to manage and affordable network solutions that will enable operators worldwide to thrive in fast-moving, highly competitive markets. The recent test demonstrates significant progress in our quest for developing innovative network solutions to give our customers a competitive edge.”,
concluded Andrew Silberstein, Senior Vice President General Manager, Commercial Solutions of Globecomm Systems, Inc.

About us
SS7ware, Inc. ( is a subsidiary of Null Team SRL, the creators of Yate. Every day, more than 50 million people are using our platform to call locally or internationally.

Globecomm Systems, Inc. ( is a leading global communications provider serving government and commercial markets in over 80 countries. Globecomm employs engineering expertise in consulting services, system design and integration, maritime and mobile communications, media services, and mission critical networks, to provide its customers the optimal solution. Globecomm is dedicated to improving communications and leverages its world class, global network to offer end-to-end, managed service communications solutions worldwide.

Legal Notices
YateBTS, YateUCNTM and Unified Core Network are trademarks of SS7ware, Inc.

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