YateBTS 2.0

By the time you read this, Null Team and Legba will have released YateBTS 2.0. The big new features are authentication and USSD, both of which are important stepping stones for roaming support, and a new web-based interface for network-in-a-PC configuration (NiPC). (Note that USSD support is in the commercial release only.)

When YateBTS was initially released, just last month, several people commented that the roadmap was very “aggressive”, by which I think they really meant “unrealistic”.  Getting the 2.0 release out on schedule, along with continuous improvements to the documentation, will convince people that the companies are serious about developing and supporting this product.  The speed with which Null are adding new higher-layer features also demonstrates the power of Yate’s Javascript interpreter to simplify the coding of the GSM control layers.

Meanwhile at Legba, we are working on other aspects of YateBTS, like EDGE, for upcoming releases.

More on that soon.

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