Webinar: Test Equipment for Resellers

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Real Network Equipment for Tests

Our test equipment equals the Yate-based real equipment of the big operators, the only difference being the optimization for lab usage.

How clients use our testing products

IoT Manufacturers

  • Test their devices in online and offline mode
  • Testing EMC compatibility and behavior in different networks

IoT Developers

  • Global connectivity for IoT products through IoT platform
  • Secure authentication, authorization of data and location tracking information


  • Learn how to set up and design mobile networks
  • Use the standard Wireshark tool to learn about the internals of the mobile network protocols

Private Networks

  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service, Enterprise Networks
  • Remote facilities (Oil/Gas Mining)


  • Mission Critical Communication services testing
  • Disaster and response networks
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We have meetings with the existing customers and other operators at the big congresses such as MVNO Congress and MWC. We also schedule meetings and try to approach future customers, because is easier to get new leads, face to face rather than via emails.

Email Marketing

For us, the best way to do marketing is to have email campaigns that are narrowly targeted. We know our business and also know who are our clients. So we target everything very narrow.

Youtube Channel

For us, is very important how we address to the new clients. We build landing pages that we use a call to action, video materials on our youtube channel


The Advantages of Yate Equipment Over Competitors

These equipment we send are not TEST equipments, are REAL equipment with smaller resources, they are limited in hardware. Management interface is the same, the resources are the same, everything is the same.

The LabKit is a small GSM/LTE base station that can be connected to our hosted core for the core network part. It enables a real cellular network for about a 4 floor building.

The LabKit has 4 working modes:

  • GSM nipc mode -> GSM network in a PC
  • GSM roaming -> GSM BTS connected to YateUCN/hosted core for Voice/SMS services
  • GSM dataroam -> GSM BTS connected to YateUCN/hosted core for Voice/SMS/Data Services
  • LTE eNodeB connected to a MME/hosted core
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A Complete Core Network Equipment

Minicore is a complete Core Network at a smaller scale. The software is the same as in our full production products. This supports about 200 users connected. We have a few cases where we sell the MiniCore for a small private network project where the customer uses full production base stations for the RAN and MiniCore for the core network.

Full Real Cellular Network for Your Business

The MiniCore combined with the LabKit enables a full real cellular network in the customer’s lab and building. A big advantage for our clients that buy LabKit+Minicore is that they can operate the network privately (without connecting the MiniCore to the internet.). In this particular case, the devices (UE, MS, IoT devices, modems won’t have data)

The VoLTE Lab

The VoLTE Lab combines the LabKit and the MiniCore. The main difference is in the Core Network. There is the IMS feature enabled to perform VoLTE. Also, we ship the product with 2 iPhone 6s that have been configured and tested before for VoLTE feature.

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The main advantages regarding these 3 solutions are:

  • The Prices
  • The fact that it’s not a simulation. They are real equipment that run same software as in our full production products
  • The fact that we offer free support for 6 months
  • Public documentation on our website
  • Custom features that can be added by us or by our clients in the LabKit

Main Differences Between the Testing Environment Products


  • Does the radio part which means it spreads signal
  • Receive radio signal (GSM/LTE) and converts it to data and then send it to Core Network
  • Can act as GSM BTS or LTE eNodeB


Complete Core Network with the same software as in our full production products

  • HSS/HLR -> stores and manages the SIM information about subscribers
  • UCN -> our EPC that perform calls and data features
  • SMSC-> for SMSs
  • STP/DRA-> routers for 2G and 4G


  • Has the IMS feature enabled and tested with VoLTE
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