VoLTE call flow and VoLTE testing with VoLTE Lab

VoLTE functional testing and IMS conformance tests with VoLTE Lab

Deploy your VoLTE network:
stay away from network outages with VoLTE Lab

VoLTE Lab is a complete test suite for Voice-over-LTE designed for VoLTE testing with access to VoLTE call flow.

Making changes to the production mobile network is a lot easier when you have a test bed for the new configurations.

With VoLTE Lab you can run the VoLTE testing before proceed to a large VoLTE installation. Avoid service outage and keep your customers happy.

Includes Core network, RAN and 2 x iPhone 6s

VoLTE Lab includes the LTE LabKit as Radio Access Network, the Yate MiniCore as IMS and EPC Core Network, and two iPhone 6s as VoLTE ready UEs.

It is fully configured and can be used as a VoLTE test bed and learning environment.


  • A complete, pre-configured network: eNodeB + EPC + IMS + HSS/HLR.
  • Exposes all of the IMS interfaces for tracing and connection.
  • Based on the same YateUCN EPC/IMS used in production by MNOs and MVNOs.​
  • Can be used with any HSS/HLR.
  • Wireshark tracing for S1 and Radio interfaces.