The plug and play LTE network

The LTE LabKit is a plug and play small GSM/LTE base station used for testing IoT devices and it provides a trustworthy connectivity.


  • Plug and play
  • Wireshark monitoring traffic inside EnodeB (S1AP, GTP) interfaces
  • Capability to switch between GSM/LTE bands and working modes

About the cellular IoT devices testing industry

“The first set of customers I want to talk about are customers in the IoT industry. There are two common uses of the LabKit. One is for development testing –product development testing, both hardware and software to drive the system under test and drive it under different controlled conditions for testing software but also for testing hardware like in environmental testing. And another use is on the factory production line. Now the IoT testing customers tend to be pretty technically sophisticated and they actually use the, what we call the R-manager interface, which is the telnet interface to the eNodeB that basically lets you log into the eNodeB and see what’s going on inside it. “

What you will find in the package:

  • A user’s guide
  • 2 smartphones​
  • Accessory kit:
  • 10 SIM cards
  • 2 antennas
  • 2 radio frequency filters
  • Power supply
  • WiFi dongle

The equipment is preconfigured and connected to our cloud Hosted Core for the Core Network part.

How to set up your IoT lab equipment:

  • Plug the power supplier
  • Plug the WiFi adapter / Ethernet Cable
  • Plug the keyboard and mouse in the ports
  • Plug the radio filter in RX port
  • Plug the antennas in RX and TX ports (they work best if you face them in opposite directions)
  • Plug the display in the HDMI port
  • Power up the LTE LabKit from the front button
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How to access the interface:

  • After it powers up, you get to the login screen. The user you will use is always yatebts and the initial password is the same as the unit’s serial number
  • The LabKit has preinstalled Mageia 5 version of Linux
  • Open the LabKit’s LMI (Local Management Interface). In the first window you will see the available working modes
  • The LabKit is preconfigured, but you can change the set up from ENG Configuration tab
local management interface