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Software-defined mobile networks
Network functions
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YateUCN TM for existing networks
Unified 4G LTE core
YateUCN TM redundancy
GSM roaming
LTE roaming
Beyond SDN
YateHSS/HLR redundancy
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Software-defined radio
IP-based backhaul
Unified BTS/BSC
Our technology implements in software all the functions and protocols of both the radio access network and the core network. We use Linux, a generic operating system, as well as the Intel Atom chipset and the Nuand digital radio board (BladeRF) to replace special-purpose FPGA and DSP boards.

The RAN product we developed is easy to upgrade and extremely flexible, allowing operators to run GSM and LTE from the same unit with a simple software update.

Both the RAN and the core network products and solutions use Yate, which provides unified management and monitoring through its highly expandable architecture.