Mobile Network testing Equipment

Our benefits from conventional test and measurement equipment vendors is that our systems are based on the same software used into production telecom networks, just opened up with more instrumentation and control.

Due to the fact that it is based on real network equipment, our telecom test equipment can integrate into other telecom systems, other test equipment, directly into mobile operator networks and also work with any type of SIMs.

mobile network testing equipment

The benefits of our mobile network testing equipment

  • Transparency
    We practice a public pricing policy and offer transparency before purchase related to our products and technologies specifications and documentation.​
  • Affordability
    Our test products are inexpensive enough that a customer can put one on every bench or even every desk, and can connect them all in the same network.
  • Easy to install and simple to use
    All our telecom test equipment come already set up – just connect the equipment to the internet and start operating. All the equipment include SIMs and phones that have already been previously tested.
  • Flexibility
    We can keep it simple and straightforward but for customers who want more, the open design of the system supports a huge range of measurements and controls. We can support less common use cases through more advanced configurations or with the help of our support team.
  • Upgradability
    Our test and measurement equipment is upgradable to new standards, as they come out. An existing customer will not be required to buy another test base station product for testing NB-IoT – we will upgrade their current LabKit without being extra charged.
  • Light and silent
    The LabKit and Minicore weigh just 6lb (2.5 kg) each and are incredibly silent so can be installed on a customer’s desk, rather than in a data center. They are so light that they can even be taken on the road for easier demos or moved to other customer premises.
  • Support
    All customers benefit from after-sale support offered by our support team based at our headquarters. It also includes working with customers to learn and access more advanced configurations of our test and measurement equipment.
  • image with MiniCore, a small factor PC that can run YateUCN Core network, HSS/HLR, STP, DRA and SMSC
    MiniCore combines our YateHSS/HLR, YateUCN and YateSMSC in a small package and can be used a second core network for testing. In a laboratory, it can be paired with the LTE LabKit for a full LTE/GSM network.
  • LabKit HD
    The LTE LabKit performs all the functions of an eNodeB for research and test. Once it’s connected to the free hosted core (a service only for YateBTS customers), or any kind of core network, such as MiniCore (for testing) or YateUCN (main core network) it will provide full LTE network for laboratory usage.
  • VoLTE Lab is a full VoLTE Lab kit that is ready to use to test VoLTE functionality. It is composed by a LTE LabKit as an eNodeB, and a MiniCore as EPC and IMS Core Network. It comes with 2 iPhones as User Equipments.
    VoLTE Lab is a complete test suite for Voice-over-LTE, that includes the LTE LabKit, the Yate MiniCore and two iPhone 6s. It is fully configured and intended for use as a VoLTE test equipment and for the learning environment.
  • main LiteCore
    LiteCore is a Software-defined Core Network, it is suitable for private networks, comes with a RAC and you can also install it in your data center, it also allows up to 1000 users and it can be used in war zones or mines because you can connect it to the eNobeB and you have your own strong and lasting network
Mobile Network testing Equipment 1