GSM/GPRS IP backhaul

image proving IP backhaul connection for GSM/LTE SatSite base station

Our GSM/GPRS backhaul is offered over any IP connectivity (IP radio, microwave, VSAT, fiber, 3G/UMTS) as opposed to the costly satellite backhaul, which is the only solution in rural areas or remote locations.

IP backhaul is robust against peak loss and requires less backhaul bandwidth.

We provide full-rate GSM and reduce the risk of interrupted voice calls.

SIP signalling is another component that allows us to reduce the overall backhaul cost, as opposed to the costly Abis signalling.

The SatSite does not require a Base Station Controller (BSC) and all the paging messages between the base station and the BSC are removed, unlike the constant data rate over satellite in a conventional network.

For the 2.5G SatSite, budget for:
Speech only150 kbit/sec
GPRS200 kbit/sec
EDGE600 kbit/sec

Back-to-back microwave transmission

image presenting and crowdy telecom tower with a lot of large, expensive, microwaves backhaul antennas

Conventional GSM/GPRS backhauling solutions use C-RTP or RTP over satellite, which are considerably more expensive than VoIP with trunking.

Abis signalling between the base station and the BSC is deployed with more overhead than an IP-based backhaul.

Even in idle mode, the exchange of messages over Abis still requires a constant 40 kbit/sec over satellite, leading to increased costs.

Estimates based on an average satellite service cost of $6/GB/mo show that savings over a 5 year time are the following:

Media backhaulSavings GB$ Savings
RTPGB/month/unit$3.6k/ over 5 years
C-RTP1.7 GB/month$540 over 5 years
Constant 40 kbit/sec over satellite13 GB/mo$4.7k over 5 years