IoT applications testing

The LTE LabKit and the Hosted Core are designed to provide a complete local IoT application testing environment in urban or rural areas. As IoT and M2M applications are becoming increasingly present in public and personal use, security and reliability are crucial.

  • Benefits
  • Local IoT testing

  • Improved IoT applications performance

IoT depends on connectivity, so cellular service is a prerequisite for IoT and M2M testing.

The Hosted Core was created so that developers, vendors, and operators can conduct advanced IoT testing operations using the complete functionality of a LTE or GSM/GPRS network. It acts as a complete core network and includes including EPC, IMS and MSC/VLR, HSS/HLR and SMSC.

Utilizing the Hosted Core with one or more LabKit units, YateBTS users can try out a complete LTE and GSM/GPRS mobile network serving their testing needs. Multiple LabKits can be used to simulate multi-cell networks.

A small-scale mobile network using the Hosted Core and the LabKit is suitable for testing IoT and dramatically reduces costs related to test procedures. Operators and developers can set up a complete environment in the cloud, and measure the performance of IoT applications before delivering them to end users.