IMS Core Network and 2Greet – voice solution for 4G and 5G

Deploy VoLTE in your network with YateUCN – the IMS core network for VoLTE and 2Greet – to complement VoLTE for Androids without support.

The YateUCN IMS Core Network implements the I/S-CSCF, P-CSCF, BGW and IWF nodes in one server.

2Greet is the complementary solution to VoLTE IMS because it empowers the low-end Android phones without VoLTE.

Therefore, you are covered for voice service in 4G and 5G networks combining YateUCN and 2Greet.

IMS core network and 2Greet diagram


YateUCN - IMS Core Network

  • Integrated IMS
  • Reduced initial investment
  • Interoperable
  • Commodity hardware

2Greet - VoLTE complementary

How YateUCN and 2Greet work together

YateUCN IMS is the VoLTE Core Network for small scale deployments and is easy to scale up as more users adopt the service. 2Greet adds extra value to your network and increases your business revenue. 2Greet and YateUCN are the complete solutions to easily deploy VoLTE because they are interoperable.

The YateUCN IMS works with any Evolved Packet Core, Home Subscriber Server, and eNodeB in the operator’s LTE network, over the Diameter protocol. 2Greet doesn’t change how the network is interconnecting with others. You only need to add ​​a terminated CAMEL subscription for the GMSC​. Both of them are easy to manage and operate using the same management interface: YateMMI. You have full control and efficiency of your network planning.

2Greet and YateUCN also come with testing opportunities, so you can check them before committing to a full purchase.

mobile originated call in volte ims core network and 2Greet

Test VoLTE and 2Greet

  • 1
    VoLTE Lab is a complete test suite for VoLTE that includes the LTE LabKit and the MiniCore specially configured to provide IMS functionality.
  • 2
    Core and RAN
    You can have a feel of how everything works with the VoLTE Lab. We give you a chance to test VoLTE in your Lab which includes an IMS core, LTE radio, and 2x iPhone 6s.
  • 3
    Already configured
    It is fully configured and intended for use as a learning environment.
  • 1
    Easy to access
    Test the features of 2Greet using the free Demo program. You can acces the program on the 2Greet website by creating a demo account.
  • 2
    NO financial commitment
    The Demo Program is free of charge and offers you a chance to check if this is the right solution for your business.
  • 3
    How to register
    You have to create an user account​ and choose up to three SIMs you want to test 2Greet with. Fill up the Demo Form​ and install the 2Greet Application.​