2Greet, the VoLTE IMS complementary solution

Use 2Greet as a complementary solution to VoLTE IMS  for all those Android phones that are not covered even if you have VoLTE in your network.

2Greet works together with VoLTE as a VAS for providing full services to your subscribers. It doesn’t need any Android phone vendor firmware and it gives you VoWiFi as well. Your interconnections are not affected in any way!

Further, you will learn about 2Greet’s benefits and how it could work in your network.

2Greet - VoLTE IMS complementary solution

Benefits of 2Greet - VoLTE IMS complementary solution

  • We decided to publish all our prices, so you know exactly what to expect when you decide to make a purchase. 
  • enabling VoLTE for Androids takes a lot of time. You can deploy 2Greet within a month.
  • Using 2Greet, you can provide better voice services and support to most of your users. It works for Android GO without needing phone vendors’ firmare
  • 2Greet makes things easy for you to offer VoLTE and adds extra value and features for your subscribers, like security or voice over WiFi.
  • 2Greet works seamlessly you can gradually grow your business by installing more function if needed.

Why is 2Greet suitable for you

It is a Core Network function that makes voice over data networks possible. The 2Greet function is a part of the Core Network, as described in the diagram.

2Greet acts as a complementary, value-added service to the voice services already provid. The only change you need to do is adding a CAMEL subscription to your current GMSC.

2Greet doesn’t depend on CSFB or IMS because it works as an add-on to your current network.

There are 3 main components the makes up the entire process work:

2Greet is a VoLTE IMS Core Network function that provides voice service for LTE and WiFi networks
  • Core Network voice function
    It is a Core Network function that makes voice over data networks possible. The 2Greet function is a part of the core network, as described in the diagram.
  • Android Application
    The 2Greet App does the initial setup and configuration of the whole system. It runs on Android OS. The subscriber installs and configures the app once. It also works on the contact list or other calling applications.
  • Redirect Service
    The 2Greet redirect service allocates each SIM to the correct 2Greet function. It carries out authentication and gets the SIM information to the function.

Free Demo program​

2Greet has a lot to offer to you. Still in doubt?

2Greet comes with a free demo program that allows you to test and test all its features. You can experience this technology without making any financial commitments.

You can access the Demo Program with the following steps:

  • 2
    Sign up for Demo
  • 3
    Choose up to three SIMs you want to test 2Greet with

To experience the full capacity of 2Greet, try out the Demo today: