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IoT testing using LTE LabKit for IoT development

IoT application testing

IoT applications testing The LTE LabKit and the Hosted Core are designed to provide a complete local IoT application testing environment in urban or rural

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BSC and BSC in a single equipment, the SatSite is a GSM BTS


Base transceiver station (BTS) – Base station controller (BSC) Our GSM radio access network solution replaces the traditional components of the GSM network (BTS and

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Image showing MSC and VLR running inside YateUCN redundant core network, along with GMSC, SGSN and SMSC, connected to HLR and roaming by SS7 and to SatSites, over IP


Mobile Switching Center (MSC) / Visitor Location Register (VLR) Our GSM core network solution is the product YateUCNTM that uses MAP / SIGTRAN protocols to

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LTE SatSite is a software-defined LTE eNodeB unit

Macrocell LTE eNodeB

SatSite Model 142 – Macrocell LTE eNodeB The SatSite Model 142 is a self-contained macrocell eNodeB, containing the functions of the Baseband Unit (BBU) and

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