Telecom and wireless test equipment

LTE LabKit product with all the accessories

LTE LabKit


Full functionality of an LTE/IMS/GSM/GPRS network in one light box with free Hosted Core.




Real network equipment for test in one box. HSS/HLR, MSC/VLR, EPC/IMS, SMSC & more.

VoLTE Lab is a full VoLTE Lab kit that is ready to use to test VoLTE functionality. It is composed by a LTE LabKit as an eNodeB, and a MiniCore as EPC and IMS Core Network. It comes with 2 iPhones as User Equipments.



Start VoLTE testing & research – path to 5G with real network equipment.

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  • Transparency
    We practice a public pricing policy and offer transparency before purchase related to our products and technology specifications and documentation.​
  • Affordability
    Our test products are inexpensive enough that a customer can put one on every bench or even every desk, and can connect them all in the same network.
  • Flexibility
    We can keep it simple and straightforward but for customers who want more, the open design of the system supports a huge range of measurements and controls. We can support less common use cases through more advanced configurations or with the help of our support team.
  • Simplicity of use
    Our systems come pre-configured ready to use out of the box with simple interfaces, simple support for common-use cases, no complicated configurations.
  • Upgradability
    Our test equipment is upgradable to new standards as they come out; this includes upgrading to NB-IoT, CAT M-1 and 5G NR in the coming months.
  • Control over setup and configuration
    All our products are designed so they can be setup, used and controlled independently by our customers and their engineers. We offer transparent prices, documentation and remote support when or if needed.