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OTA server for remote SIM updates, buy now at $28,000


YateOTA – OTA gateway solution for remote updates YateOTA is a system that provides the functions required to update SIM and mobile devices configurations using

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HostedCore is a LTE/GSM Core Nerwork service for YateBTS customers. Together with LTE LabKit acts as a full LTE and GSM core network

Hosted Core

Hosted Core free hosted core for YateBTS customers The Hosted Core is a free service that allows users to experiment with a fully-functional GSM/GPRS or

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MiniCore is a LTE and GSM core network for testing and research labs. It is a MCS/VLR, HLR/HSS, EPC and SMSC, all running on a compact PC unit.


MiniCore YateHSS/HLR & YateUCN in a box for testing & research MiniCore combines our YateHSS/HLR, YateUCN and YateSMSC in a small package. It can be

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Software-defined HSS/HLR for MNOs and MVNOs. Available now in shop, Buy now at $28,050


YateHSS/HLR HSS/HLR/AuC SIM subscribers management The YateHSS/HLR stores and manages the SIM database for mobile networks. It also manages multiple subscriber identities (from different technologies)

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EPC and IMS for LTE and VoLTE core network and also GSM/GPRS core network for MNOs and MVNOs


YateUCNTM unified LTE/GSM+GPRS core network, including SGSN, GGSN, GMSC, MME, SGW, PGW YateUCN – Unified Core Network solution Unified EPC/IMS core network The YateUCN is

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