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SS7ware, Inc. presents SatSite LTE eNodeB at MWC 2016
Feb 15, 2016
We're excited to introduce the SatSite Model 142 LTE eNodeB working with the YateUCN TM unified core network at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year! Drop us a line at if you want us to present you our LTE solutions.

The SatSite Model 142 is a complete LTE ENodeB, containing both the RRH (radio interface) and the BBU (baseband server) in a single lightweight box (9 pounds/5 kg).

The YateUCN TM is a unified core network server for LTE / VoLTE (EPC+IMS), which also includes all the functions and protocols of a GSM/GPRS core network.

The SatSite, the YateUCN TM and the YateHSS/HLR provide mobile operators a complete LTE network. Each equipment uses a Linux OS, allowing operators to save on deployment, operation, management, and training costs.

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