Webinar: LTE LabKit - test eNodeB / BTS
Configuration and practical demonstration

This webinar is presenting the LabKit – How to setup, configure the working modes, UE connections and performing a VoLTE call.

  1. What is the LTE LabKit
  2. How to setup the LTE LabKit
  3. The LTE LabKit’s benefits
  4. Who uses the LabKit
  5. Practical demonstration
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What is the LabKit ?

The LTE LabKit is a Lab eNodeB running on a small factor PC. 

  • LTE eNodeB / GSM BTS built on commodity hardware
  • A test “call box” for IoT production lines
It comes preinstalled with the following software components:
  • YateENB
  • YateBTS
  • YateLMI

How to setup your LTE LabKit​


  1. The Power Cable
  2. The WiFi Adapter
  3. The Filters
  4. The TX and RX Antennas

Log In:

  • Username: yatebts
  • Password is the serial number printed as a sticker on your LabKit
  • For remote access via SSH, port is 54321
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LTE LabKit Benefits

  • Real Network Equipment
    This is a small eNodeB used for testing. Is is a real equipment that is only limited in hardware.
  • Light and Silent
    It weighs 2.5kg. You can install it on your desk, rather than a data center and it’s suitable for traveling.
  • Easy to use: Plug-n-play
    Easy to install and configure. Just connect the equipment to the internet and start operating.
  • Upgradable
    The LabKit is upgradable to new standards and tech updates such as MIMO, 5G, CAT M1, NB-IoT.
  • Free Support
    When you purchase your LabKit you will benefit from free technical support.
  • Free Hosted Core
    The LTE LabKit comes with free access to the Hosted Core in order to connect the radio equipment to a core network.
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Who uses the LabKit ?

  • MVNO
    Such operators can use the LabKit to test the interconnection between their networks and an eNodeB.
  • IoT Production line testing
    The LabKit supports both application and hardware testing allowing to study the behavior of IoT products under different network conditions.
  • Security Labs
    The LabKit is able to test 3G and 4G devices, specifically their behavior in networks with incorrect configuration.
  • IoT Operators
    IoT MVNOs can use our LTE LabKit to simulate the behavior of their customers in the MNO’s network.

Practical Demonstrations

  • LMI (Local Management Interface)
    Walk through and setup
  • Working modes
    LTE eNodeB and the GSM working modes: NiPC (Network in a PC), GSM roaming, GSM Dataroam
  • Phone connections
    Transaction between the phones and the LabKit
  • Wireshark
    Wireshark captures of the connections
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Get your LTE LabKit today!

Order your LabKit from our website and have it shipped ar your office at the price of $5,980.