IoT wireless testing for production lines: LTE LabKit as LTE Callbox

LabKit acting as a LTE Callbox, for LTE IoT testing on production lines

IoT wireless testing to protect your company image

Delivering devices that have malfunctions to your customers can severely harm your company image. Properly tested IoT products drastically reduces costs related to returns and product support. It also prevents extra marketing efforts geared towards repairing a damaged company image.

LTE Labkit used as a LTE Callbox allows you to perform functional testing while having full control on the network.

LTE Callbox Key features

  • Plug and Play full LTE network:

You connect your LTE LabKit to the internet, insert the SIM card into the IoT device, and it is ready for use.

  • Comes fully equipped with necessary accessories:

SIM cards that are registered to the LTE network.

  • Wire connectors for zero interface:

Instead of relying on antennas, the IoT devices will use a wired connection, an RF fixture. This means no unnecessary radio interference that may affect your results during the testing process.

  • In stock, Ready to Ship, 5-day delivery World-wide

Technical facts:

  • Easy-to-use web-based interfaces
  • Fully functional LTE network, not just an emulator
  • Supports all standard LTE brands, FDD and TDD
  • Reports UpLink & DownLink (UL & DL) RSSI, plus many performance measurements.
  • Has network-based API for external control and automation.
  • Includes RF fixture for direct connection to most modern modules

What our customers say

“The YateBTS product has been a real life saver in our test fixtures. We are able to not only verify connection with our modems with LTE, but have the ability to vary the channels and validate all the bands at a comfortable cost to the company. The biggest plus is that the customer service is impeccable. There has never been a time that I have contacted them for technical assistance that they did not answer. We also requested feature adds and the response was a quick turnaround. This allowed us to meet our shipping needs so that we can sell our products!”