Outbound connection

The Outbound option allows you to connect your YateBTS based local network to other networks via SIP or IAX.

Configure an outbound connection in the Network in a PC(NiPC)

To configure an outbound connection in the LMI’s Web GUI, select the ‘Outgoing’ tab. You will be able to specify a SIP or IAX connection for routing calls out of your local network to the rest of the world.

First, you need to select the protocol for the outbound connection from the drop-down list. This will generate the parameters that need to be configured. There are 2 types of parameters:

The “Save” button will save the configuration in accfile.conf. A typical example of setting up a SIP outbound connection will start with an outgoing form without any protocol selected.

Here is the SIP configuration page. After selecting the SIP protocol, the Basic parameters will be displayed:

Outgoing parameters
Finally, after adding the connection data, click the "Save" button.
Outgoing save
The "Modify" button permits editing the parameters.
The “Switch to IAX” button deletes the old configuration and permits the new outbound connection to be set.
Switch iax
If you click on “Yes”, the SIP outbound connection is deleted from accfile.conf file and the form for adding the IAX outbound connection is displayed:
AX outbound connection


Outside the NiPC Web GUI, you can also route to the outbound connection by setting up an account in the [outbound] section in accfile.conf.

SIP outbound account


IAX outbount account


Advanced options

The examples above show the default configuration when using a SIP or IAX account. In specific cases you might need to configure other parameters as well.

For more information about advanced options check out the Accfile documentation page.

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