SatSite eNodeB and BTS setup – first time user guide

Prepare the SatSite for powering up

First thing you need to do before powering up the unit is connect the attenuator along with a connector and antenna. You can find the pieces in the below picture before assembling and after.

pieces satsite

Plug-in the attenuator in the SatSite, and afterwards use the connector to attach the antenna.


At this point, you can also connect the Ethernet cable. From both ports you can receive an IP from the DHCP.

20W basestation for GSM & LTE (eNodeB), operating in multiple GSM/LTE bands
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Power up the unit

When attaching the Binder 692 power connector to the unit, align the connector first, then press it into place, and then turn the threaded ring on the connector’s body.

Binder SatSite

Connect remotely to the SatSite

In order to find out the IP address of the SatSite, you need to use the MAC address. You can do a nmap from a computer from the same LAN as the SatSite, and afterwards, use arp for the translation part.
Linux OS example:

  • nmap 192.168.1.*
  • arp -ngrep 00:45:c5:7g:9u:88

If you have a Windows OS, you can try to ping the broadcast address and use
“arp -a”
to see the IP-MAC pair.
In case you have an OS as router, you can look into the DHCP’s lease file to see what IP was assigned to the MAC.
After you found the IP, you can connect with
ssh -p 54321
The password is the serial number that you have been provided with.

Configure yate for use

1. Go to /etc/yate and edit ybts.conf:

  • vim /etc/yate/ybts.conf

2. At the minimum, you must configure the radio frequency: parameter Radio.C0.
In case the radio band is not preconfigured, please take a look at the Minimum configuration to start your YateBTS page as well.
;The C0 ARFCN. Also the base ARFCN for a multi-ARFCN configuration.Valid values depend on the selected Radio.Band.
; GSM850: 128..251.
; EGSM900: 0..124 or 975..1023.
; DSC1800: 512..885.
; PCS1900: 512..810.
You can use this site to transform band into channel :
Make sure you do a spectrum survey first to find a gap so you do not overlap with another BTS on the same frequency.
After configuring Radio.C0, enter the rmanager by typing telnet 5038.
Use the command reload to reload the configuration files.